Michael W. Graham: Attributes Necessary for Golf

A busy executive, Michael W. Graham enjoys spending his leisure time in athletic pursuits, including hiking, scuba, white water river rafting, and golf. Mr. Graham has learned that mastering golf requires a combination of flexibility, strength, and understanding of the game.

Flexibility plays a key role because golfers must fully execute a back swing and follow-through when driving the ball. Both parts of the swing require torso rotation, and maintaining core flexibility creates the ability to move freely throughout the full range of motion. Many golfers warm up with flexibility exercises, including sustained torso stretches.

Strength is important in golf because, as golfers uncoil from the back swing and move through the ball, they need the ability to unwind with great force in order to drive for distance. Golfers wishing to build strength should focus on core building activities that work the muscles of the thighs, abdomen, chest, shoulders, back, and arms.

The final attribute necessary for golf is intelligence. Golfers must make knowledgeable club choices and learn course management skills in order to play an effective round.


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